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Lectures and Seminars

Based on the book  "Resurrection and Reunification"

  1. The American Jewish Committee, Phoenix, AZ.  Coordinated with Rabbi Robert J. Kravitz and Rabbi David Rebibo.  "On Common Ground:  The Language of Faith and Peace".  An interfaith, intrafaith, ecumenical symposium.  Using the ethical teachings found in ancient texts to develop new ways to communicate with one another.  This is an on-going series.  

  2. Jewish Women's Groups:  The historical integral role of women.  The powerful role women can play in our reunification and our future direction.

  3. The Jewish Audience:  Who are We Really? Claiming Our Name: The Children of Israel.

    • "We Can be Reunited"

    • "Our Common Mission"

    • "Understanding Our place in The Great Whole of Civilization"

  4. The Jewish Audience:  Authenticate Your Identity 
          This Is NOT About Self-Help .... This IS About Self-Awareness.


  5. Evangelical Christian Groups:  

    • "Understanding Us (The Children of Israel) Through Our Own Eyes"

    • "The Fulfillment of Prophecy for The Children of Israel"

    • "The Messianic Era:  What It Means to The Children of Israel"

    • "The Redemption of Israel and The Second Coming".