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Project Twelve

Reuniting The Children of Israel


Reclaiming Our Name:  Israel  

Our Future As A United People

Rabbi David Rebibo and Jill D. Glenn created Project Twelve.  Our mission is to engage already existing groups amongst us to focus on these issues.

Through the creation of innovative, historically accurate educational works, and with a fresh approach to Torah study, we can gain new understanding of our authentic identity, intended mission, and our future as The Congregation of Israel, A United People.  Resurrection and Reunification:  The Fulfillment of Prophecy for The Children of Israel, written and illustrated by Jill D. Glenn, is the first publication in this series, and was created as a companion guide to Torah study.

These unique Torah Study Programs are available to be presented, and have been presented,  in conjunction with synagogues, Kollels, Jewish womens' groups, through Aish HaTorah, and with individual Chabad houses.  Special programs have also been developed for The Evangelical Christian audience.