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What Makes This Book Special

"The result of years of study under Rabbi Rebibo's tutelage is the recently published Resurrection and Reunification:  The Fulfillment of Prophecy for The Children of Israel":  What appears to be yet another coffee table book, with its glossy cover, handsome color illustrations, and beautiful Hebrew calligraphy, is a substantive tome with serious purpose."

                Vicki Cabot, Contributing Editor
                The Phoenix Jewish News


"I have received the beautiful copy of Resurrection and Reunification - what a wonderful gift!  You have, indeed, done a great service in promoting Jewish Civilization and in bringing clear understanding of G-d's promises to the Jewish People.  I am honored, too, that you chose to send me this gift because of my unrelenting support of Israel and Jews everywhere. I am a strong believer in the Abrahamic covenant and my faith requires me to stand firmly with Israel and to combat anti-semitism wherever it raises its ugly head."

                Gary L. Bauer, President
                American Values, Arlington, Va.


"Resurrection and Reunification brings to the reader an opportunity to contemplate a new universe - one of understanding and sharing.  The book poses the eternal questions of good people, 'Am I correct in how I approach others?  Do I speak their language, or they mine?  Is there a way to find common ground, even with followers of traditions that seem dissimilar?'.  Jill Glenn's extraordinarily beautiful volume heightens the senses of the reader while pricking the intellect. ... Utilizing the fabulous imagery of her pages of vibrant, artistic creations, ... she draws her reader towards an elevating glimpse into potential answers, and their concomitant - and wonderful - possibilities of peace."

                Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz, D.D.
                The American Jewish Committee, Scottsdale, Az.


"One merely has to pick it up and he will be truly amazed by its creativity and intrigued to uncover its secrets.  It is an original fascinating paradigm of our history and the mission we were given.  She carefully and beautifully paints a picture depicting the journey of the Children of Israel, which began (in a sense) at Creation and continues until this day, providing us a picture of where we, as a people, should be heading."

                Rabbi Shlomie Chein, Director
                Chabad Student Center, UC Santa Cruz


"Your hopes for the Jewish People to realize unity as described in the Torah are rooted in a deep yearning for the ultimate redemption which we pray for three times a day.  Your art is inspiring and functional, and your words are infused with a caring and hope for all humanity.  I hope your work will bring many people back to the truths of Torah study and practice."

                Rabbi Zvi Holland
                Aish HaTorah, Phoenix, Az.


"Jill Glenn's vision shines by way of all her well framed quotes, interpretations, and rainbow graphics in this beautiful book. Jill asks us all to reinvision Judaism as the culture and teaching of The People of Israel, something which she supports in a very traditional manner, through the crafting of an expression of citation and elaboration, what we call 'Midrash', or 'interpretation'. Jill's interpretative position appears stunningly as she weaves ancient texts from multiple cultures, illustrations, and her own wisdom, into a splendid tapestry, asking all of us to use the best of our own backgrounds to build a better world. In doing this, Jill reminds us that the greatest truths in all traditions are about how to live, not necessarily what to believe. I recommend Resurrection and Reunification to all who seek to improve this world as a blueprint for transforming the wisdom of a particular tradition into a universal message of hope and activism for all."

            Rabbi Jonathan B. Freirich
            Temple Bat Yam, Lake Tahoe, Ca.