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A Book of Remembrance

The book, Resurrection and Reunification:  The Fulfillment of Prophecy for The Children of Israel, written and illustrated by Jill D. Glenn, foreword by Rabbi David Rebibo, is a 240 page hardcover coffee table book with over 90 pages of original four- color illustrations.  It is the result of over fifteen years of studies and conversations between Rabbi David Rebibo, an ordained orthodox rabbi in Phoenix AZ., and his student, the author and illustrator, Jill D. Glenn.

Written as a companion to the study of The Torah, Resurrection and Reunification:  The Fulfillment of Prophecy for The Children of Israel honors 3300 years of the Teachings, writings, and evolution of The Children of Israel, as it provides a direction for our future as A United People.  Lovingly stressed is the importance of reclaiming our name:  The Children of Israel, and the destiny which goes with that name.

This unprecedented work of clarity and beauty is both spiritual and scholarly.  Over 90 pages of original and visually stimulating color illustrations, careful selections of thought-provoking passages from The Torah and subsequent writings, along with pertinent annotations, reinforce the original identity, historical evolution, and intended destiny of The Children of Israel.  

Colors and circles play a significant role, illuminating the beauty the author perceives.  In a chapter called "The Awakening", The Torah is color-coded into subjects, providing the reader an innovative approach to learning, while uncovering The Torah's blueprint for manifesting "Israel:  A Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation".

In the final chapter, "Peace on Earth", Jill Glenn reaches out to embrace all people of faith, citing commonalities in respective teachings.  She encourages all readers and seekers to return to the source of their teachings, to discover the origins of their unique identities, and to rediscover the wisdom in ancient texts.

Each page of this book contains many levels of knowledge, and will beckon the reader to return to it, again and again. This is an intelligent manifesto which will be relevant long into the future.