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Orders and Inquiries

This 240 page hardcover book, with over 90 pages of original four-color illustrations, is designed to provide the reader with a unique perspective of the authentic identity, indisputable legacy, and intended purpose of The Congregation of Israel as stated in The Torah:  to be unto God "A Kingdom of Priests and A Holy Nation".  This work, while confirming Israel's calling and rightful place as part of The Great Whole of Civilization, reaches out to embrace all peoples of faith, citing positive messages found in their respective teachings which transcend any one faith.

Resurrection and Reunification: The Fulfillment of Prophecy for The Children of Israel 
written and illustrated by Jill D. Glenn
foreword by Rabbi David Rebibo

Published by The Twelve Stones Press 
First Edition 
Printed in the USA
ISBN 0-9701382-0-2


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19 or more books:   $31 each plus shipping and handling

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Please direct all orders and inquiries to:

The Twelve Stones Press

Email:  12stones@charter.net

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